Created a command line tools that work with gitea/github api

Specifically support following functions from command line:

  • Configuration File
    • [x] remotes
    • [x] groups
    • [x] secrets
  • Selector for git servers
    • [x] -g/–group
    • [x] -r/–remote
  • Base(git) Commands
    • [x] clone
    • [x] init
    • [x] pull
    • [x] push
    • [x] remote
      • [x] add
      • [x] list
      • [x] remove
  • Repository(api)
    • [x] list all repo on server
    • [x] create repo on server
    • [x] get / set
      • [x] archived
      • [x] description
      • [x] private
      • [x] public key(GH, get only)
      • [x] secret (GH only)
      • [x] topic
      • [x] visibility
    • [x] delete
      • [x] repository
      • [x] secret (GH only)

The design is gear towards mass processing repositories, so most commands support multiple path.

Do you know we already have one gitea/tea: A command line tool to interact with Gitea servers - tea - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea

I know, but my project actually start years ago with bash to do mass repo processing. Just moved it to golang recently.

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