Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD)

Is something like this in the plans for Gitea?

Having something like this packed into Gitea would be absolutely amazing. Actually in my personal case this is also the only thing that prevents my colleagues and me from using Gitea as the main Git server for everyone at the company I work for.

@Akito take a look at Drone CI.

There is plan (at least for me) to integrate Drone CI more into Gitea

Greetings, @lafriks, thank you for your response.

Is part of the goal that it will at least seem as “native” as the GitLab example I mentioned?

@fazlerabbi37 Thank you for your suggestion, but the point really is that the CI should be really a part of Gitea and basically work without any individual per-repository setup. Ideally, it should be a one-click solution. The biggest advantage is that Gitea wouldn’t just be a plain VCS but, if it would implement this and more, an entire development to production assist, not only a part of that.

I use jenkins with my gitea server.
While settings up jenkins, I found it integrates well with gitea: Jenkins add itself to gitea, automatically discovers repositories, run repo pipelines if it find a jenkinsfile, and link the build results inside gitea’s interface.
All that being pretty much a 1-configuration click inside jenkins

Interesting, thanks for your input.