Where is the "custom" folder inside a docker installation?



I installed gitea with docker; however, the custom folder is missing. I tried to find it by using the ‘find’ command, but it is not there. First, I created a for my gitea installation. It is called gitea and its home directory is located in: /home/gitea

Then I put the following inside: /home/gitea/docker-compose.yml

version: "2"

    external: false

    image: gitea/gitea:latest
      - USER_UID=117
      - USER_GID=124
    restart: always
      - gitea
      - ./gitea:/data
      - "3000:3000"
      - "222:22"

Then I started it:
cd /home/gitea
docker-compose up -d

it created this ugly folder structure :thinking:

└── gitea
    ├── git
    │   ├── lfs
    │   └── repositories
    │       └── adminjm
    │           └── jmeile.git
    │               ├── branches
    │               ├── hooks
    │               │   ├── post-receive.d
    │               │   ├── pre-receive.d
    │               │   └── update.d
    │               ├── info
    │               ├── objects
    │               │   ├── 00
    │               │   ├── 80
    │               │   ├── 9e
    │               │   ├── bf
    │               │   ├── info
    │               │   └── pack
    │               └── refs
    │                   ├── heads
    │                   └── tags
    ├── gitea
    │   ├── avatars
    │   ├── conf
    │   ├── indexers
    │   │   └── issues.bleve
    │   ├── log
    │   └── sessions
    │       ├── 2
    │       │   └── 0
    │       └── f
    │           └── 6
    └── ssh

I said ugly because if you want to access app.ini, you have to go to: /home/gitea/gitea/gitea
Anyway, I guess this is something I will try to fix.

After that, I setup an apache reverse proxy:

<VirtualHost *:443>
    ServerName myhost-mydomain-com
    .... Some other things like SSL & Rewrite config go here ....
    <Proxy *>
            Require all granted
    SSLProxyEngine on
    # Note: no trailing slash after either /gitea or port
    ProxyPass /gitea myhost-mydomain-com : 3000
    ProxyPassReverse /gitea myhost-mydomain-com : 3000

Then I restarted apache and stoped gitea:

service apache2 restart
cd /home/gitea
docker-compose down

Next I added this to app.ini:

ROOT_URL = myhost-mydomain-com / gitea

Then I started gitea again:

docker-compose up -d

and I went to the web link

myhost-mydomain-com /gitea

I could setup it by clicking on sign-in and using this options:

Database Type: SQLite3
Path: /data/git/repositories
Site Title: Gitea server
Repository Root Path: /data/git/repositories
Git LFS Root Path: /data/git/lfs
Run As Username: git -> yes, I don't use "gitea". This one is inside the docker-image
SSH Server Domain: mydomain-com
SSH Server Port: 22
Gitea HTTP Listen Port: 3000
Gitea Base URL: myhost-mydomain-com /gitea
Log Path: /data/gitea/log

Under “Optional Settings” I setup another not relevant things to this problem, ie: “Email Settings”. I disabled most of the “Server and Third-Party Service Settings”. Finally I setup my admin user and password under: “Administrator Account Settings” and hit: “Install Gitea”

Then I just thought about customizing some pages, but first I just needed to find the custom folder. A search inside /home/gitea didn’t find anything. I tried to create the folder on several places:


Then I put a file called “my_file.txt” with some random contents inside those folders. then I set the right permissions:

chown -R gitea:gitea /home/gitea

And restarted gitea:

cd /home/gitea
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

I tried to access that file:

myhost-mydomain-com /gitea/my_file.txt

But the only thing I get is a 404 error. What am I missing?

Note: since I can’t enter more than two links, they are separated with spaces and dashes

Thanks in advanced

Best regards


The custom folder may not be called custom. Try reading the docs again and look for issues where people customized with Docker for your answer.


I tried looking the forum for such problems with Docker, but I didn’t find much information. Regarding:

“The custom folder may not be called custom”

Yes, there is a variable, when I go insider the docker container:


Outside the docker container, the “/data/gitea” folder is located under: /home/gitea/gitea/gitea. I already put a file there, but the webserver still says 404 not found.

So, I guess, I will try insalling the binary instead of docker. For me docker seems to be easier, but it is not.

Best regards