Webhooks between Gitea and Jenkins

Hello! I have just started using both Gitea and Jenkins on a local Kubernetes node, but I have some problems with webhooks.

My current status is:

  • I have created a Gitea org in Jenkins, which is correctly seeing the various repositories, including the only one that has a Jenkinsfile; if I manually start builds on that repository, it works correctly
  • I have manually created a webhook in Gitea, which seems to be working since each request (whenever I commit to master) correctly sends a request and receives the answer “Processed” by Jenkins.

The problem is that nothing happens on Jenkins: there is no build being created at all. I have checked the various URLs (both in Jenkins config and in the webhook) to be sure that I was not using locahost or the wrong port, and so far it seems this is not the case. Am I missing some steps?
I can access the configuration for org/repository/master in Jenkins, the one with “Build triggers”, but everything is greyed out and I cannot select anything from there, so I cannot try stuff like “Poll SCM” (which I don’t know if it should be needed).

Thank you for your help!

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I have the exact same problem as you describe. Perhaps the plugin is outdated.