Using sAMAccountName for LDAP login



I configured a Authentications Source with LDAP (simple auth). It works, but I only can login with the Display Name. It is nessesary to login with the sAMAccountName. Does anyone have an idea how I can configure to login with sAMAccountName?



whats your current auth source configuration - maybe i can help.

BTW im using “sAMAccountName” for login not display name.



Thank you for reply!
Her is my current configuration:




try using only:

User Filter = (sAMAccountName=%s)
Username Attribute = sAMAccountName

That works for me


Thank’s I have tried this but it doesn’t work for me…

It only works if the DisplayName and the sAMAccountName are the same.

I think it’s because in User DN there is cn=%s but I don’t see any other possibilities to make it different.


Does anyone have another idea how to fix that?


I have created the Aut. via BindDN, now it works.