Stuck activating Gitea account: can't confirm email


I was trying to set up an account at, but the registration email never arrived.

I’ve double checked multiple times that the email is correct. For example, copying the email that Gitea tells me the email was sent to, and then pasting that into my email client to test sending myself an email. I do receive the email, so this puts in doubt that typos are involved.

I thought that maybe this was an issue with using a email address, but I have another Posteo email address that I used to setup another user and the verification email worked perfectly. As to the message being lost in the spam filter, I doubt it. The reason is that Posteo has a centralized and categorical spam filter, so messages either arrive or they don’t; there’s no “Spam” folder. And that very same spam filter let my other Gitea account send messages to my inbox. I’ve written to Posteo to make sure this is not the issue.

As to trying to begin from scratch, I’m stuck in a loop: On the one hand, I can’t delete my account because for that I’d need to enter ‘settings’ and ‘settings’ is currently locked since my account isn’t verified. But I can’t verify it either because the email simply never arrives.

I am aware that a simple attempt at fixing this is forgetting about the account I intended to create, but that is sub-optimal. Is there a way of having an admin manually reset my account (there are 0 repos; it’s a clean slate)? Or is there some fix I could try?


Which username did you use for

Hi techknowlogick,
The username for the account in question (the one that’s stuck) is asovequito .

I’ve removed that user (as it was not activated), please try now. We use mailgun for mail delivery so hopefully your next email doesn’t bounce