[solved] Incerased memory usage during upgrade to 1.12

I just updated from 1.11.6 o 1.12.0 and it locked up following the upgrade.

At first it was accessible through the site, then it stopped responding through the site. The process itself was at 100% CPU on two cores and got up to a load of 30 or so. At which point the machine went unresponsive and the hypervisor is indicating the CPU has dropped out but the disk read is running at about 10x the usual.

The database migrations seemed like they finished before this started.

Any information on what could be happening?

Got it back up and the same thing happens. Just increase the VM memory and it looks like it’s taking 2x what it did on 1.11.6 - from approximately 2GB up to now 5GB.

Scary! This should be in the release notes, imho. Not everyone is on a VM, there’s still such a thing as “hardware”.

It is in the release notes.