[SOLVED] Inaccessible repository and Issue


I have found an instance of an issue (small problem) and a users repository (big problem) that are inaccessible, returning an error 500.

I’m not sure if this happened during my latest update to v1.7.5 or if it happened earlier, but when I check the database the repository is still there (albeit listed as is_empty: t, and size: 0 - more than a bit worrying). Do you have any tips on what I can do to make them accessible again, and/or what might have happened?


EDIT: I realized where I had gone wrong, solution in the comments.


Any log from your log files?


I figured it out: I had accidentally synced my files to the wrong branch, and reverting this resulted in the database entries for certain repositories being faulty.
Specifically, they had gotten:
is_empty: t
is_bare: null,
when the front-end was again back to using “is_bare”. Matching “is_bare” to “is_empty” fixed the problem.

The issue is still eluding me, but I will investigate if it is something similar. I will close this as fixed.

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