[SOLVED] How to add labels to issues?



I want to use tags in the issues but I am unable to find how I can do that. I assume I need to add tags somewhere else so tehy show up in the drop down menu, but where?


There are two controls in a button group above the new issue template called Labels and Milestones. I believe that’s what you’re looking for.


Yes you are right, I meant the labels not tags. How do I add or edit them?


Like milestones, labels are be modified from the issues route as illustrated in this link:


If you don’t see those buttons check user permissions for edit rights as applicable.


Well, I am in issues, I see the labels, milestones, assignees etc. I can assign an assignee to a n issue, but my labels menu is empty. I am trying to find where and how I populate that list. It seems like a label can not be just added to an issue by typing.


Clicking the Labels control circled in the image above should take you to the /%repo%/labels route. If you don’t see labels you need to choose a label set. One default label set is provided and should look something like this once selected and applied to the repo:


That was it, thank you. I am using the dark mode i never saw those buttons there, I mean I did not pay attention they are abbit of bleak color


Banner blindness, perhaps. That’s what happened happened to me. But only one click away and discoverable if you’re familiar with the GitHub workflow IIRC. After a few months I’m very pleased with Arc Green.


Yeah Arc Green is nice, I wish that it ha d abit of more contrast to it.


If you find the old dark theme repo (it used to be separated) I believe there’s a link to the Dribbble or similar where the original theme was designed. Who knows, maybe they’d like to improve it with your feedback. Just a thought. But I digress.