Migration problem with lfs repository

I have a problem when I try to migrate a repo that has git-lfs.
When migrating with the repository/repoMigrate api route I get a response that everything went fine but it didn’t. (I have the same problem with the web interface).
When I click on an lfs file I get a 500 error.
I analyzed the gitea logs and found out why:

2023/03/15 17:45:16 [6411f575-25] router: slow      POST /api/v1/repos/migrate for [::1]:63010, elapsed 3037.9ms @ repo/migrate.go:36(repo.Migrate)
2023/03/15 17:45:18 ...lfs/content_store.go:58:Put() [E] Whilst putting LFS OID[checksum]: Failed to copy to tmpPath: ch/ec/ksum Error: Content size does not match
2023/03/15 17:45:18 ...s/repository/repo.go:404:1() [E] Repo[52:test/lfs_3]: Error storing content for LFS meta object checksum Content size does not match
2023/03/15 17:45:18 ...s/repository/repo.go:170:MigrateRepositoryGitData() [E] Failed to store missing LFS objects for repository: Content size does not match

I replaced the real checksum with checksum
Gitea tries to copy the file to the temp lfs folder but on the first four characters it puts a / every two characters
So it doesn’t work
Do you have any idea why ?
I’m switching from Ubuntu to a Windows system, could this be the reason ?
I use a local lfs server (the basic one on gitea) in both gitea