Migrate some repositories from Gogs to Gitea


I have previously used Gogs, but after reinstalling the server, I opted for Gitea instead. What I have is the folder Gogs was installed in, with the following files inside:


And I also have the Gogs database saved. However, no working installation of Gogs. There were some repositories in Gogs that I want to import to Gitea, which is already installed and contains some repositories. Is there any way I can import some of the repositories I had in Gogs together with the wiki and issues, without having to install Gogs? I have thought about putting the repository.git files onto an Apache webserver, but I am not sure if Gitea will be able to download it from there, if I ‘Migrate it from URL’. I could install Gogs in a Docker container, but if it’s unnecessary, then I would skip it.

Any advice is appropriated,