Location of gitea HTML page source and other site assets

I am running Gitea on my server (without customisations). When I open the home page from a browser, it all works fine. However, if I curl https://gitea.mydomain.tld, I can see various javascripts, css files and image files are referenced in the HTML. If I wget https://gitea.mydomain.tld then index.html is successfuly downloaded. But on my server, I cannot find any of the site assets mentioned - no index.html, none of the .png image files, none of the .css files and no .js files. Is gitea pulling these from some remote location when I open the URL? If not, where are all these files located?

They’re embedded inside Gitea’s binary.

Aha! Thanks for your very quick response. That’s an interesting approach. I will explore a few customisations now and see how I get along. Thanks again.

To customize a resource, you place your version inside the custom directory. You can get a copy of the file you want customized from our sources, but make sure to navigate to the appropriate version in the repository. For example, to get the template for the home page for Gitea 1.10.3, you need to grab it from:

And place it at custom/templates/home.tmpl

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