How to configure cron task for "Delete all repositories' archives (ZIP, TAR.GZ, etc..)"?

We have some large repos that cause a ton of zip and tar archives to be built and stored over time. The Mastodon one even generates a cool 89GB of those at the moment.

Running the task “Delete all repositories’ archives (ZIP, TAR.GZ, etc…)” from the admin panel fixes the issue temporarily. However, it’s not documented how to schedule that task via the config:

Config cheat sheet: Extended cron tasks (not enabled by default)

Maybe it’s just missing from the documentation?

A related question would be if it’s possible to turn off archive generation by default, since e.g. the Mastodon repo comes with its own checked-in archives, which are then re-archived for every tag, causing this extreme disk space usage. So it would be useful if people activated repo archives only for the repos that they actually want zip/tar archives to be generated for (which are none on our instance at the moment).

Nobody has any pointers for where to look?