How to change date format?

Everything’s great except one thing: the date format. I just can’t work with “3 month ago”. I don’t want to hover over each item to see the actual date. I need to change all date output (issues, commits, wiki-page-edits, …) to absolute format. How would I do that?

Unfortunately I believe this would require changes in a large number of templates. That string is created in the template and then displayed (example)

Thank you very much for the reply. I need to change that, no matter how many files I have to change. I really want to keep using gitea but this date format is unbearable.

Could I please bother you to go a bit more into detail? Right now, I don’t see where the output I am looking for could be generated in the source you’ve linked. I fail to see how that file could be changed to generate the desired output format (at least for some elements).

Here’s an example of the current output:

<span class="time-since poping up visible" title="" data-content="Wed, 22 Apr 2020 15:30:39 CEST" data-variation="inverted tiny">2 weeks ago</span>

As you can see, in the attribute data-content already holds the value in a much preferable format.

In the source code you’ve linked in your reply the line
{{ $createdStr:= TimeSinceUnix .CreatedUnix $.Lang }}
does look kinda promising. Additionally it would be very interesting, what all those lines do, that look like this:
{{$.i18n.Tr "repo.issues.reopened_at" .EventTag $createdStr | Safe}}
still I can’t make much out of it. I am guessing that $.i18n.Tr points to the translation function.

After looking into it more, it seems this is all determined in the backend.

Note that the format you prefer is actually placed in the title attribute, however when the JS transforms it, it is moved to data-content

I believe in order to get what you want, you may have to change the source code itself, or put an issue in on GitHub and someone may pick it up to allow customizing that output.