Gitea ssh on suse linux


I installed gitea on suse.

sudo zypper addrepo
sudo zypper refresh
sudo zypper install gitea
sudo systemctl enable gitea
sudo systemctl start gitea

Gitea is running well and i already put a few repositories there. Though i’m not sure what to do to access the repositories over SSH (so far only use HTTP).

The SSH configuration looks like this
gitea ssh

I looked into /etc/passwd and found the following user

gitea:x:465:464:Gitea daemon:/usr/share/gitea:/bin/bash

Then i tried to follow the FAQ here FAQ - Docs

However when i try to login over SSH it asks me a for a password. I tried logging in with gitea@ as well since i didn’t see a git user in /etc/passwd but that also asked for a password. I don’t have the password of the gitea user as it was automatically setup by the zypper package manager.

What can i do to login with SSH? (primarely used for CI, but developers might also want to use SSH)`
Thanks for the help