Convert existing repository in gitea to one using git-lfs

I’m trying to convert my existing gitea git repo with large files to a git repo using git-lfs.
I’ve got all the settings on the gitea side setup to use git-lfs.

I used following instructions to clone and convert the repo:

But the end result is that the files have been replaced with .REMOVED.git-id.

What am I doing wrong or what are the correct steps?

hmm i can confirm problems with converting repo to lfs enabled one…

i sucessfully managed to convert by:


and push it to a new repo

@pommetjehorlepiep created

@6543 I tried your suggestion, but no luck there either.

I tried this:

- git clone --mirror <remote repo>
- bfg --strip-blobs-bigger-than 5M --no-blob-protection <local directory remote repo was cloned in>
- cd into directory
- git lfs install
- git push --mirror <newly created gitea repo>

I get this:

Locking support detected on remote "http://..../test.git". Consider enabling it with:
  $ git config lfs.http://..../test.git/info/lfs.locksverify true
ref master:: Error in git rev-list --stdin --objects --not --remotes=http://..../test.git --: exit status 128 fatal: bad object 30d6b1f106e739449c1179ec976c809f86381dcf

error: failed to push some refs to 'http://..../test.git'

According to git the object with SHA 30d6… does not exist locally…

  • git lfs install
  • git push

worked for me (without the --mirror)