Can't use Custom Label

I have create a file in /custom/conf/label/myFile.
I have add some custom label like sample.
reboot gitea
But when i want to add some labels from set i can’t seen my file just default

I do some thing wrong ?
my file content
#fc2929 bug
#cccccc doublon
#84b6eb amélioration
#159818 besoin d’aide
#e6e6e6 invalide
#cc317c question
#ffffff ne sera pas corrigé

You have to take it out of the conf folder. The label folder needs to be custom/options/label. So your file would be found at:


Furthermore, the format of your file should be something like:

#ffffff Ne corrigera pas ; Problèmes qui ne seront pas résolus
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I am trying to do exactly that in order to have a set of labels available everywhere, but with both 1.11.6 and 1.12.2, it does not work. How could I verify, except for using strace? I have tried to create completely new instances from scratch, with an empty database, too, but the label table remains empty. What’s the magic sauce to make this work, please?